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The fruit borne from the seeds of procrastination is of a very unique variety: it is nothing at all. Just about any other kind of figurative seed figuratively sown could have bore a figurative fruit of some kind. However, sitting here as I am now, I'm feeling keenly my lack of progress made since my last entry, about two weeks ago. How could a fruit that does not exist taste so bitter?

What occupied my time? Terraria version 1.1, mostly: it was a massive update, and the list of improvements were impressive enough to interest an old High School friend to have me give the game another spin with him.

So we did, starting pretty much from anew (albeit importing some old gear from our old world). However, now that I've more or less caught up to where I was from starting anew, played with the new mechanics system, killed the Wall Of Flesh and mined a few of the new ores, I find myself largely dispossessed once again. We'll get our Hamdrax and Hallowed Armor and such, and then what? Wait until the next patch? Yeah, I think we're playing Terraria for the wrong reasons.

No game interests me in playing at the moment. Skyrim is still broken, enough so that Rock Paper Shotgun put out a public appeal. (As my qualms are with the balance, I'll have to wait until next month when the construction set releases.) I may have burned all my enthusiasm for Sword of the Stars 2 playing the broken versions before the much-improved-but-hardly-perfect version available today. You know, there's always Batman: Arkham City, and even Bastion was picked up for $5 a few days ago, so perhaps it's the lack of Zoloft speaking, and this is why I'm bored with gaming.

Whenever I'm in this mood, I can't help but wonder if I aught to try my hand at creating a game again. The time I spent away from developing is, in a way, a boon: it grants me a fresh outlook on what I was working on. When you're deep in the trenches of development, it's ludicrously easy to fail to see you're trudging in circles.

If I could make any game in the world in BYOND, what game shall it be?

This is a tough question, really. I had been messing around with an old idea I had about an open-ended space RPG, and I threw in a bunch of ideas about virtual worlds with consequences, and such. However, am I really so married to the idea of a space RPG? Because space is mostly empty. It's so much easier to make an RPG where your feet are on the ground because we've a lifetime of experience living that way. Space is a relative sensory deprivation experience.

The burden of knowledge is that, the more you know about something, the more you realize you know so little about it. It's really no wonder I've never finished a game: the goal was to create My Own Net Dream, but how can one truly recognize something as vague as a dream? One really needs to set the bar at something real for real results to be found.

Perhaps I'll answer my question, coming up with something real to create. Or perhaps I'll take half a Zoloft tomorrow and be forget my troubles, planting the seeds of procrastination anew.
I would definitely support a space RPG. Something like in the future where you have to mine comets or something like that. Where you have to hunt down opposing empires. Maybe you're a mercenary. An RPG where you get to create your own ship.

Granted, all of this stuff could be done on the ground, but I personally feel that a space game with this would probably be better. You could go a lot further with a space game (that could even have parts on the ground too) than a straight up ground game because there's so much science fiction out there to work with. Not mention there's so much science itself to work with. Space game FTW!
Where you have to hunt down opposing empires. Maybe you're a mercenary. An RPG where you get to create your own ship.

Have I mentioned these things before? Because these were some directions I went!
Geldonyetich wrote:

Have I mentioned these things before? Because these were some directions I went!

No idea, first time on your page for me.
With the amount of video games you seem to play, it's no wonder that you don't get anything accomplished.

Your problem isn't procrastination, it's your complete lack of commitment to the process in the first place. You can't create something as involved as an online game with short bursts of productivity spaced out over long periods of time. If you don't have the discipline to sit down and force yourself to work even when you don't feel like it, this whole game design thing is just never going to happen for you.

Medical Depression is a bitch. It will beat you to your knees and make everything that you're trying to accomplish 10x harder. It will turn what should have been a productive day into a black hole of wasted time. The only way to combat depression is to stop using it as an excuse for your lack of productivity and to start waging war with it on a daily basis. Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose, but you can't just sit back and let it dictate the course of your life. Otherwise those wasted days and weeks add up to months and years before you even realize what's happened.
What you're saying rings true, SilkWizard.
I'm just starting to get over my 1 week terraria addiction...

DC Universe Online is sort of worth checking out, it's free to play now