Creator's World

by Luke5050
Creator's World
Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.
Kozuma3 is helping us with special things like subscription and helping us to get some things to work right/better. Give him a pat on the back if you see him! He's been very kind and has been supporting our project well.
If you were wondering why the server was lagging like crazy the other day, well, that's because there was a crash bug that involved taking HTML out of normal names. It's been fixed, to let you know, and now we'll never crash. I want to thank Pirion pointing out the flaw in my code.

I am going to be listing what needs to be done on here instead of spamming it with updates. I will only post important cool new features in updates and my progress percentage.

Builder points 0%
Subscriber special items/attacks 0%
Store 0%
Player Verbs 78%
Host verbs 20%
Admin verbs 0%
Moderator verbs 0%
Enforcer verbs 0%
Janitor verbs 0%
Building objects 100% (builder's store 0%)
Fighting 0%

This is so I won't snap at people who comes on and ask why there's not a lot of features liked promise. It's in alpha mode.