After some criticism of the walking animation, I did some tweaking with a 6 frame cycle. I think it looks a bit smoother in the overall cycle, but obviously is an early WIP and has a way to go.

I have tried to keep to an isometric perspective grid so the the walk looks right for the view.
dat boy he power walkin'
Have you tried placing it on a map and syncing it with some actual motion? I don't know if it's the size of his stride or what, but it looks like he's moving pretty fast--which conflicts a bit with how calm the motion in his upper body is.

Of course, take these comments with a grain of salt. Stick figures are about all I can draw, much less animate.
Are you editing this yourself now?
I can give you a wire frame edit if you'd like
Zane offered to help. You better take that shizz!
Zane444 wrote:
Are you editing this yourself now?
I can give you a wire frame edit if you'd like


Zane444 wrote:
lol u dum bro?
im not doing anythin cuz i lost all motivation to work on spirit age and i don't want to start any new projects because that will make my bad reputation even worse. can you make me less bored by allowing me to show off art in an indirect way?
The legs and arms somehow feel out of sync in your animation. Perhaps the stride is too large for the short arm swing in the animation. Additionally, the anatomically right foot seems to move in a bit of a curved path in the animation, contributing to the awkwardness.
Corax Software wrote:
Looks fine, ignore haters. It would look much nicer with clothes on too...

No one is 'hating'everyone that commented gave valid critique on how the sprite can be improved.
Yeah, each arm swings for a period that is double that of the legs moving.
Corax Software wrote:
Looks fine, ignore haters.

If I said the piece sucked, then I would be a hater. But I said nothing of that sort.
I gave constructive criticism to help improve the animation. I have a lot of respect for Jmurph and his work and I would never say that his work sucks (Unless it REALLY sucked) :P
Corax is challenged. You all should know this by now.
Take it easy everybody. I appreciate both the critiques and the compliments. There seems to be a consensus that the arms and legs don't match in stride. I Think the leg stride is probably too long for normal walking.

D4RK3 54B3R: I am not sure I see the curve, but I am guessing it is because my attempt to make the foot look like its lifting is probably off.

Corax Software: The reason it is nude is because my equipment system uses overlays to reflect different gear. So I don't want any clothing in the base icon except maybe a minimal undergarment.