So, the first very early alpha testing of RetroQuest is going to start at the beginning of January. This is going to be just the overworld (no dungeons yet) and first town. The purpose of the test is going to be to see how the controls and such hold up for people who aren't me, how well the multiplayer aspect works, and more subjectively... if the combat system is fun.

It'll be a very undirected test. There will be some specific times I'm going to try to get people together to do group combat but otherwise I'm just going to leave the server up so people can log on and play at will, with an in-game feedback form for issues and comments. Basically this is a group hack-and-slash test, although you will also be able to be hands-on with the character generation system, though some options may be restricted. In fact, I'm going to encourage testers to play around with it. PvP will likely be off for the entirety of the first phase of testing.

This is going to be private testing... I don't see the value in having people joining at random when so much of the game is unfinished. That's how I used to do all my game testing, and it always turned into a circus. This time I want people to know the score and be onboard with it before they sign in. I already have a pool of testers from outside the site, but I'd like to get the perspective of some BYONDers. I'll do a more formal sign-up thing in the forums closer to the beginning, but just wanted to give a heads-up to the folks who are following me here.

(Beta testing will be open to all, because it will be up for download.)
Sounds great, I am definitely interested in checking the game out come January.

Good luck!
Same here. I'd like to be a part of the testing =D