Playing around with a new approach, I shortened the stride and the overall dimensions. I hope he doesn't look like a midget!

Your previous base had a neck, this one should too. Perhaps such an adjustment would make it look less like a midget. Though, his arms look too long.

As with the movement, he still looks stiff. This is probably due to his torso not moving.
Updated with longer neck, shorter arms, torso rotation, and general shading and facial tweaks.
That looks much better.
Amusingly this looks MUCH better than the previous iteration. Looks kind of chubby though.
Dem lovehandles.

The anatomically left leg feels like it's reaching too far to the anatomical left. Like his left leg is farther away from the center of gravity than the right leg.
Looks pretty good... But the feet movements look a tad bit off... not sure why though (No im not talking about the left leg, just the way the feet are landing...)
That looks a lot more boss now. My main issue was the legs but it's fixed now.
I'll see what I can do on the leg placement. Yeah, he still looks a bit chubby for a wasteland survivor.....