Guide to the current Open testing, May get outdated kind of quickly, Thank you Henry for the guide, Its on the forum i just chose to add it here for those who dislike registering to forums!

Guide to Rise Of The Pirates Open testing!

Basic Information

Okay so I'm sure you guys all know how to create a character so I won't bother to tell you how to do that, since it's already very straight forward.

Alright, so when you first start the game you will enter a cut scene, it introduces you to the NPC Sarah, she will give you quests to your storyline and also, make sure you read the dialog!

Your first quest is to find the doctor.


In case you guys didn't know this game has a very useful function to find NPC's. Whenever you need to find a NPC type this into the say or ooc dialog box "Where is [Insert NPCs Name]" (Without the brackets) eg. Where is blacksmith

When you try to talk to a NPC/Object you interact by pressing X.

The quest you get from the doctor is to get some mushrooms for him to do this you walk left from the hospital and find it.


To pick up these mushrooms you press X, X can be used to interact with other objects as well, like things that are needed for crafting which is used when you're in a profession.

After you finish the mushroom quest, as you would with any quest, go back to the same NPC to continue the storyline! When you finish talking, go back to Sarah.


If you ever don't know what quest you are doing you can always check back in your quest log by pressing L.


After this you now need to find the blacksmith and get your first weapon!


This is one of the times where you can use "Where is blacksmith" to easily find him. After you finish talking to the blacksmith you will find that you have gained some experience, escudo (This game's currency) and an item (not always obtainable in quests).

You will also notice that you have leveled up!


In this game levels grant you stats which are the basis of your attack's damage, defense and other factors.

To make use of these stats you have to put in stat points, you do this by going to character > invest stat points.


Then you see this, the following stats are to determine your damage, defense, dodge and also critical damage %

Strength - Melee attack (Close range)

Defense - Melee Defense, Dodge (Close range)

Spirit - Spirit attack (Long range)

Will - Spirit defense (Long range)

Agility - Critical Damage%^,Attack speed ,Attack damage (All ranges with the exception of spirit based attacks)


When you get to the blacksmith you will see a selection of 3 weapons.

Combat Gauntlets - Strength

Slingshot - Spirit

Small Katana - Agility/Strength


These will determine the class you get in the future, there are also 3 other weapons you can get but those require you to have the money to buy them, they are the hammer, crush blade and bow!

To equip your weapon or armour you double click it!

Good luck in future quests!~


As of now there are only 2 available races to those who have subscribed and only 1 to those who have not

They are Lycan and Humans, the pros and cons are available at the creation screen



Other races like Giant and Fishman will be in, in the near future


All professions have counter opposites that are needed to be "one" that can be efficient, the professions can be divided into two categories, gathering and crafting. You can also open your profession tab by pressing p to view the level of skill you have and what you can make with the things you have gathered.





An example of gathering


Profession window


To be able to craft anything you must first purchase the recipe at the desired professions teacher in order to be able to craft anything.


To Gain a class one must reach a mastery of 100

Crush blades are available at the shopkeeper for 800 escudo's they are used to aid those who use STR for a base stat (You get to be a Buster Blader if you wish to master)


Slingshots are used to aid to someone who uses SPI as a base stat in ranged combat (Prankster if you wish to master in it)


Archery can be used as a range weapon for those who go agility as a base stat (Archer if you wish to master in it)

Bows are available at the shopkeeper for 1000 escudo's


Hand to hand can be used without any weapons though you may use gauntlets to assist in your damage in STR (Boxer if you wish to master in it)


Swordsmanship, using the sword as a melee weapon for those who use AGI as a base stat, STR for skills (Swordsman if you wish to master in it)


Crushers are those who use hammers as a melee weapon for those who use STR as a base stat ( Breaker if u wish to master in it)

Hammers are available at the shopkeeper for 1200 escudo's


Kicks can be used without any weapons and are for those who use STR as a base stat. (Martial Artist if you wish to master in this)

To toggle kicks do this, if you want to toggle punch back, you do the same.



Guns are not out as of yet


For further information on classes that are gained from the reading of a ancient text please see this link 1/

*Secret Class [Assassin]*

Assassins receive daggers for their primary weapon from the assassin trainer which is in a hidden location. After you master the dagger you get the full benefits of being a assassin and receive skills like any other class.


How to set a shop up

Shops! This is possibly the best system in this game. So make use of it to gain Escudo's!


To open a shop do this


After the window opens, open your inventory and drag the items you wish to sell into the shop and allocate the prices



To be a marine or a pirate or any other future rank related things you have to reach a certain amount of reputation that can be viewed by pressing C then pressing Rep (Marines and Pirates are 2500 reputation if you want to achieve either of those!)


To become a marine kill pirates or do marine related quests and then go talk to the admiral in Cress Island



To become a pirate kill marines or do pirate related quests and then in your reputation window press pirate then yes



How to macro a skill

To open macro window do this


Setting a macro is very simple, you simply just drag the skills in the right macro window to any key on the left and that macro is now usable!


If you still have trouble macroing something simple like get, click and any key and do this


Shop Keeper and other NPCs


For further upgrade of your weapons you can purchase ones that are for level 30‚„s or acquire ones that are for any level. You can also buy food to regenerate faster

Hammers are 1200 escudo's.

Crush Blades are 800 escudo's.

Thick Slingshots are 900 escudo's.

Katanas are 900 escudo's.

Battle Gauntlets are 900 escudo's.

Wooden Bows are 1000 escudo's.


You can now sell items to any shopkeeper by dragging and dropping the item in your inventory into the NPC's shop window!


To withdraw or deposit your items press ALT + Click


Party system

A party allows you to invite others to be in a group so you can all receive exp from whatever is killed by whomever in the party

To make simply do this


Then find someone to invite and you eventually have yourself a full fledged party!


To talk to someone in your party macro this to a key -> Party-Say


Item Mall

The item mall is a system where you can buy things with the currency of gold to purchase game related items that will assist you aiding you in levels,drops,movement speed (Mounts), etc

Opening the item mall is quite simple you open it from here


To purchase something from here you have to first have gold by converting your escudo's ( 250 escudo's = 1 gold)

The item mall window looks like this


Please remember that gold can ONLY be used in the item mall


How to use the Dingy

When you receive the dingy after you get out from the tutorial island many of you may wonder how you use it, so i will show you how.

In your inventory your dingy will look like this


To use it in the water you must face towards the water and only be 1 tile away from it and not IN it.


You only have to click the dingy in your inventory

once after u are facing the water.

The way to move in your dingy is by using WASD and Spacebar for movement


In the game there are 3 traits as of now, they are Beserk ,Tactical and Swift

When you reach level 20 you will be asked which trait you wish to have, think carefully as to what your future class will be prior to choosing the trait


Beserk-Allows you to gain 60% critical % and also the ability to use throw by pressing S which enables you to damage a mob via throwing it into something, throw is level based

Swift -Allows you to gain 40% attack speed and also the ability to move around the mob you are facing to practically teleport around it

Tactical - Allows you to gain 60% dodge and also the ability to jump back a few steps by using S (Good for kiting)

The passive you get from traits enable you to gain momentum and later on use the passive, you can momentum by attacking a mob



To join events you use the verb Join in the event tab by doing this whilst an event is being hosted, you cannot use this if the event hosting has been completed and the registration is closed.


Join allows you to join the event that is being hosted but it may not work if some events have a certain amount of people for example CTC which needs even numbers of people

Watch allows you to view from the screen of the other members that are participating

Ancient Texts

Gods Texts allow you to gain a unique class that allow you to use a variety of skills varying from elemental to melee

There are 4 types of ancient texts that are STR, AGI, SPI and Random, The power/skills you get from them are all different

Example of texts


You can get texts from drops of mobs that are LVL 50 or higher, drop rate scrolls don't affect text drop rates.


Leveling Guide

This is only a suggestion, it is your choice whether you want to follow it or not.

1-30 : Basic leveling, just follow the quests

30-40 : Beach Boars level 15


40-100 : Snakes level 60-80 (Snake Cave)


100-150 : Crabs level 110-130 (Star Island


150-200 : Turtles (Mydd) level 180 - 220


200-500 : The rest is quite basic, you will see creatures in Mydd that are up to level 300 after that just go to cress island which is above star for levels.


Allows you to receive monthly benefits at the price of $6 a month

You also receive the ability to use the race Lycan



Trade Chat

Trade chat is the communication available to use by CTRL clicking on items to sell them

You can turn the trade chat on and off if you wish or not wish to see it


Important keys

ALT+ Click to abandon quest.

SHIFT + Click to quit profession.

CTRL +Click on item in inventory to post item on OOC


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you obtain a gods text?

First of all, to obtain a gods text you achieve it from killing mobs that are above level 50 and are at least 30 levels within your level range to receive the drop.

Whats a gods text?

A gods text is a unique class that is obtained from the reading of a ancient gods text, it enables you to have a class that is different from those that are mastered.

Is this a One Piece game?

No this is not a one piece game, though the games previous version may have been it has completely changed although this game may seem loosely based on one piece It is not, this game is a completely original, fun, pirate game!

Is there a map?

No, Finding Islands and everything else is part of a pirates adventure! You don't need no map!

I will update this guide as this game updates.

Thanks for reading!


Credits to those random people i took screenshots of ^_^

And also to those who reminded me of things and corrected me c:


Nothing has changed since I played in october >_>
Ryuk25 wrote:
Nothing has changed since I played in october >_>

Alot has... just keep playing. they added ships,sea monsters,pirate crews,marine stuff, buffed things new features. and more you just haven't played enough

P.S join forums they tell you whats added.
You misspelled 'Alchemist' in game. It seems to be spelled like 'Alchamest', or something.
This looks like a lot of it is based from WoW. Which is not a bad thing btw. Good job.
No pixel movement >_<
No devil fruit, no interest.

Also, reporting the game because of subscriptions.
Also, lols lycans.
Tensa Soul wrote:
No pixel movement >_<

From what I've noticed this game averages 70 players during peak hours. There is absolutely no way you could have pixel movement going with that many players.
Rugg wrote:
No devil fruit, no interest.

Also, reporting the game because of subscriptions.

It's orginal as far as BYOND is concerned so you can't do anything. And no fruit fail no interest? Good. Anime nabs like you are what fail this site.

On topic: DAT BASE. That base is a deal breaker. It's just so ugly. It walks like a retard to. Please get a new one.
Great game made by a great staff! Keep it up guys!