So tomorrow I'll be updating Wargames yet again. This time though, there is some comic relief. Some of you have already seen it, but for the rest of you this will be new: I've included Video Tutorials now which is viewable either on youtube or in game.

What can I say, I'm probably the worst orator around, hopefully you can understand what I'm saying. If you want a bigger laugh, try setting the audio transcribe on and you'll see great lines such as "Hindustan erupting" and "selecting Peter Pan". I'll make an effort to set some real subtitles soon so its understandable outside of my own thick accent.

Other than this, there is also a change to the view when you log in. Rather than a crappy text box asking if you want to host or go online to join a server, you now get a prettier option with images, now including a 'tutorial' game. The tutorial game will pre-set the host options for you, so you can play along with the tutorial videos. What isn't done yet is some stronger following of what's going on. I intend to later add in some kind of checklist feature so you can be given some goals to fulfil.

There is only 3 tutorials so far, but I hope that will get many people who currently get overwhelmed the gist of what to do at the start. Wargames is very much a game you can pick up quite quickly, and most users online will help you out with the basics if you ask.

Don't forget that the reference files listed under the menu also gives you a text explanation on how to do certain tasks such as starting a game, building and attacking.

I'm hoping to get a couple more things in, and I'll be updating tomorrow at round end. In the event that I get more done before I host, I'll update before that too. I'm intending to host Wargames again after the end of this round on Thursday, and go on for 10 days ending on Sunday 1st of January.

That will then lead us to the next topic: Pricing changes to Wargames Subscribers.

I have already extended non-sub ability to pass 9801 recently. It is now possible for them to gain an additional 25% of the additional potential land for sub users. In a 151x151 map, this is an additional approx 3,200 land, bringing them to a potential total of 13,052.

From 2012 I will be addressing a couple of issues with Subscriptions. For a start, the level of content is going up, and the price is going down. I will also be addressing the two largest concerns people bring up, The ability to only pay for one game rather than both; and the ability to pay a one-off fee for a lifetime subscription.

I will announce the details of the new pricing sometime this week. Thanks to continued support of Wargames 6 years on since its inception, prices is going down and content is going up, so its win win for everyone.