My DBGT Dark Renegade Experience was pretty epic.
DBZ Heroes United 2 Ratings:

Missions 10/10

Fusions and Chars 9/10

Forms 10/10

Everything else deserves a 10 out of a 10.
My Favorite 3D Games ever.

Pirate Galaxy

Jurassic Park Warpath PC

Jurassic Park 1,2,3 FOR PC


Other 3D Jurassic Park Games for PC.


and MineCraft
Dude u can come and play this game too is better and u get free subs
Thanks for the epic game
DBZ United Heroes 2 best game evar
United Heroes 2 Ratings:
Everything is a 100/70
My dad is Garbage
My Favorite Games:DBZ United Heroes 2 the most,DBZ UF2,DBZ Ultimate Heroes 1,DBZ UH2,Dragonball GT:Rise And Fall,HU2,DragonBall Clash, DragonBall Rebirth Revised,DragonBall GT Mystic Legends,DBZ UH2,DragonBall AF,and Light Destruction.
Playing DragonBall Burning Pride