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Personal Updates:
  • Living in a new apartment. No internet.
  • Switched to a vegetarian diet.
  • There will be roughly 18 entries judged in this year's GiaD. (several entries did not follow the submission guidelines, I have no clue what BYOND key some of these belong to). I don't know how I'll multiplayer test them without internet access, but at least now I have them on a flash drive and ready to be brought to the apartment.
  • Moved to a new city entirely.
  • Not very involved in Occupy Providence anymore, but that's because of time problems, not ideological differences.
  • The beard is back. If they want to fire me, go ahead, but I'm not going to modify my body simply so they can project a more youthful corporate image.
Good to hear from you!

What made you decide to switch to a vegetarian diet?
You are the most commited hippy I've ever seen.
If you're going vegetarian for health reasons, might as well go vegan, healthier. Almost forgot about the GiaD, been a while now. Beard looks good.
Nice to see you around again. Congrats on keeping the beard =)
lol you pansy elf vegetarian. Hope you have a fun time eating your boring old peas and cobs while I gorge myself in tons of meat.

There are several reasons why I switched to a vegetarian diet. The prime motivation is that I believe I'll live a longer and more healthy life.

Secondary is that I believe the resources we spend producing meat would be better spent elsewhere. If we used that land, water, and other resources to produce non-animal food then we could feed more people and those people would be healthier. It doesn't make sense economically to subsidize beef so much that the poor live off the dollar menu at McDonald's. It doesn't make sense when a potato and some broccoli cost more than 1/2lb of beef. As an individual, I can't fix the problem, but on an aggregate scale we are making a difference.

lol you pansy elf vegetarian. Hope you have a fun time eating your boring old peas and cobs while I gorge myself in tons of meat. </jk>

Yes, steak is great; especially Filet mignon. Jerkey is good, though expensive. Chirico is sorely missed. Meat should be a once in a while luxury, but it isn't treated that way. We're messing up our economy, and our health, by subsidizing a system that says we should have champagne and lobster every day. I have no ideological problem having a steak on my birthday or on a big date, or a meat diner once a week. The scale of the problem dictates that my response needs to be on a larger scale; that's why I've gone vegetarian.

That being said, I've had some of the best tasting food I've ever had since quitting meat. Vegans can work miracles with lentils, and the Chinese know how to treat tofu.
Nice to hear from you since the last post was a while back. Although I'm a meat eater and always will be, I hear what you are saying when it comes to over reliance on meat as a food source and its poor turnover in terms of land and resource use (especially when we're not battery farming them! although that is an evil in itself).

A healthy diet is something our Governments is only just starting to promote seriously in the last few years, but reality is there has always been good diet plans that have worked for hundreds of years. Even some physical sportsmen and women limit their meat input to every few days or even cut it out completely, so its certainly possible to be big and strong without an reliance on meat.

Of course, our biggest and more serious problem that isn't being addressed is the number of people, ideally redistribution of wealth and resources (something the occupy movement holds as its base) would lessen this burden but the truth is we need to start having less babies, and start figuring out how to start transporting millions of people onto other planets.
Week 12. Pitchforks, Gentlemen!
I actually had to check my email to make sure I was one of the ones including my key, cause I know one year (or more?!) I didn't and felt guilty when he mentioned it.
As a man with longer than shoulder length hair, I loved the last point.

By the nature of genetics and good grooming, you sir have always had an astounding and pleasing beard. It suits you, and from past pictures it seems it has always suited you.

Any company that attempts to intervene in this without strong health / safety reasons is frankly not worth your efforts, or many people's.
Good to hear from you. I was honestly getting a bit afraid.

Also, I'm growing out my beard too - coming along quite well. ;)
*Meanwhile GiAD fades*
I plan to switch to a vegetarian diet for those same reasons. Even learned to make sushi. (Seafood is my favorite and I cannot live without it.)
If you're eating seafood, you're a pescetarian. Referring to a diet with fish as "vegetarian" causes headaches for actual vegetarians when people present them with shrimp as a vegetarian option and then argue with them because their friend who is totally a vegetarian eats shrimp all the time.
Hey Ian... What ever happened to Peregrine City?

havnt seen it in years...
I just played Peregrine City - on the original map - for the first time in years. There was a family computer back around 2003 that crashed, and my brother took the hard drive to "save" the files, which were never seen again. I finally got my hands on that hard drive. Now I've got all my old music and lots of my old BYOND projects, like the source to Jeet Kune Do.
o.0 You lucky Bastard... Cant wait to lay Jeet Kune Do... havnt heard that name in years...

you should totally re release everything as "Peregrine Classics" like how Playstation has Greatest Hits...