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We, as a team, have decided to bring a bit of fun to the Graphics Guild. Although we didn't post as often as we originally desired, we felt our previous posts we rather boring for the reader. In light of this, we've decided to introduce something to the guild that's both fun and exciting for the readers. What we seek is to allow the community to take part in the fun activities we'll provide.

First and foremost, we've decided to introduce an entertaining competition that will be hosted on a monthly basis. As you may have guessed, it's been dubbed Monthly Money Maker. Basically this monthly contest will consist of giving participants one day to provide their graphics entry. The following day, a winner will be announced and rewarded with the prize money. Do note that during the competition, comments should only provide links to your submission; any other comments will be deleted. This months competition information is provided below.

Starts: Friday, December 23rd 2011
Ends: Saturday, December 24th 2011
Prize: $10-$25 Via Paypal
  • Cannot contain nudity.
  • Cannot contain profanity.
  • Must be your own work.
We would also like to give thanks to our anonymous blogger as Popo7775 was unable to post for us this time. Also, don't forget to follow us to ensure you're notified about our future posts and competitions! Also be sure to visit the forums if you are in-need of some free, nice quality graphics!

~ GG
Any particular theme?

Nope, anything you create will do :)
Alright! =D
Does it have to be good? o.o and yea+
Yusuke13 wrote:
Does it have to be good? o.o and yea+

lol you do want to win right?
Haha, I'm not good at 'art' of any kind.
Remember guys, have fun! Even if you dont win, it cant hurt to throw in some work, eh? Haha Good luck everyone!
Whoever did that banner does good work. I can point out a ton of flaws in it but there is more good than bad.
Any type of art? Or must it be a GFX'ed Banner? Like, can we just draw a picture in photoshop?
@Enzuigiri: Thank you ^^ I did it but the size had to be messed with and bleh.. xD

@D-Cire: A banner preferably, or signature.
Honestly, I think it should be longer than a day. It means that the people who miss it (Seeing as it's less than a day's notice) have to wait a whole month for the next chance, with no guarantee they'll catch it. I personally think it should be at least a week to create something.
Mhmm. I'll talk to Ace tomorrow about it.~
Sweet. I'm in. No canvas restrictions?
@Supertramp: Nope. Just keep it at a reasonable size, kay?
@Cubanbling: If anything is a waste of time it's the post you just made.

P.S. If that's all you think GFX is, you surely won't win. Good luck anyway.
I was about to participate.

But then I read "Cannot contain nudity". My submission. Maaaay break that rule about needing to be your own work, but it's my work in spirit.
@Albro1; I'll think about giving the participates, 2-3 more days ;)
Will pixel art work in this contest?
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