Revamped the Resource Center and made it more consistent, removed a ton of bloat (features), and I added a new auto response feature. This new feature is really cool but you can't see it unless you ask the right questions. A little silly but that's how it works.

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting the update is because, I want to know if there is anything I can do to help BYOND and myself outside of developing games.

I'm pretty good at making interesting interfaces, solutions, and applications. I also have a knack for usability along with understanding how to communicate and provide for novice users.

These are some of the projects I personally thought would help BYOND. There a lot to take on but with the right kind of support, encouragement, and reward, a person could go the distance.

1. BYOND Game Maker
- Provides an intro into game making and provides a source of excitement and revenue for BYOND developers and artists.

2. Training Center
- Provide a clear learning path with challenges, badges, tests, and etc.

3. Resource Center
- A place for quality support, resources, and revenue for developers and artists.

Does BYOND have a rewards program or something else that would allow me to earn for my supporting efforts.

I'm open to suggestions on how I can justify continued efforts in and around this space.

On a side note, I will be scrubbing the Resource Center and removing sub-par entries over the next couple of days.
I think the Training Center sounds cool, but I also think maybe you could help BYONDers start off their game by creating generic core systems. Side scroller, regular, FPS(maybe?!). I think it would neat if things a lot of games use could be generically made to where we can just take that core, and build it up into what we want.

Again, I like the Training Center idea. It would be nice if it had levels for programmers too. A place to test your knowledge and get better at DM, pixel art, gfx, or whatever it is training.
I doubt BYOND has a Rewards Program for people who help the community to learn more about developing, it'd be cool, though. If you help them, I believe they'll try to refer you when they get Byond Membership, that'd take time because they'd still need to learn, but think about it, if you create something which helps the users a lot, some of them could use their own ideas and represent them with the knowledge about DreamMaker you gave them, and earn money from creating original projects, anyway, good luck (:
Training Center sounds awesome. I would do that.