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This is how zoom optics will work, ask questions if you have them. The zoom actually follows your mouse distance from the center of the screen.

All classes can use this feature, as it is a Tool rather than just being sniper-specific. Snipers will however find this tool very helpful as sniper rifles' ranges can be longer than the view-able screen.

Also: ammo and health now show on the HUD.
This looks pretty good. I want to say one more thing... Why don't you get a pixel artist?
@A2J2TIWARI: Is there anything wrong with the current pixel art? I don't get one because at this point in time it's pointless to have beautiful art.
Every thing looks okay but the base looks a bit awkward to me. Better graphics can attract more people. Just saying, I might be wrong though.
@AJ: It'd really help me out if you could point out what's awkward about the base.
If you just tell me its awkward, I can't make it any better.
The size of the base is too small for the rifles and guns according to me. The rest is alright. But, I think you should ignore my comments for i am a novice.
From my experience with this, zooming makes close-quarters aiming impossible. But that can be a good thing for balancing things like sniper rifle no-scope or something.
@Kaiochao: That's the thing, this isn't really "zooming" at all, it's basically like a binoculars strapped to your gun. You can see farther and stuff. You get the same ability to shoot close to you with the optics on, you just reload slowly and cannot move.
@AJ: I do realize the base is small, I keep him that way so that he's maneuverable enough to easily get through areas. The gun sizes are deliberately bigger than what should be realistic for the sake of identifiability.
What I meant was, the way I handle it, the closer the mouse is to the center of the screen, the faster your view will spin around. To hit people near you, within the radius of your zoom, you need to aim far past them.

I don't know if that's how you're handling it, but that's what I've experienced when doing it my way.
@Kaiochao: I'll try to take a video of it, but probably not tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll post that video. (:
This Tool isn't just for sniping. Heck, it could even be used just to spot for enemy soldiers in the distance.
Looks alright for the art style you're going for. +yea
Lovely, does each weapon have a different distance that they can view with the scope or is it all one distance except sniper?

Anyway it looks like a neat idea, hope it's smooth :O
Look like that one cave in Pokemon Red and Blue and it's really dark but when you beat more of the Team Rocket Minions it became more light.

That dark border, the cave and the 8 bit base is most likely why it reminds me of that xD.
A2J2TIWARI wrote:
Every thing looks okay but the base looks a bit awkward to me. Better graphics can attract more people. Just saying, I might be wrong though.

It's a game. Let him do it how he wants. I don't see you making game-breaking pixel art.
@Vrocaan: I specifically ask for criticism on my art, as I would never attribute "pixel artist" to my abilities.
Please don't lash out at people like that.
Everything's fine. But. Orange. Could you have two colors on one map? Perhaps, say, Orange and Gray? Or Blue and Green? Something? Single colors hurt my eyes.
@Vrocaan: Don't worry, there'll be plenty of scenery and other landscape textures to make things look nice. (:
I also demand knives. KNIFEKNIFEKNIFE is how I play. Gunnoobs.
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