Pirates Online

by DarkMoonProductions
Pirates Online
We're on the right track!
We've added a Donate button on our HUB and plan to make a Member Shop in-game.

There is no issue with One Piece/FUNimation anymore but we were anxious about the art.Since we're using mostly Breeze's art,to make profit from Pirates Online we needed their permission.
I sent them an email explaining our plans and the game and surprisingly their reply gave us permission to use their work in PO.

We're working on the storyline for the game here are some NPCs you might see in our release.

Any idea of when you think the game will be ready? The screenshot looks so....clean by the way, i like it. The graphics is just too nice. :D
I see like... 2 pirates out of that whole crew.
The rest are at the new year party.
Branks wrote:
I see like... 2 pirates out of that whole crew.

pirates online is pirates online as long as the game is online and there is more than one pirate
If it were only 1 pirate does that mean he's automatically the pirate king?
Since he is the only pirate left?
Pirates didn't care to attend.
So... is this a dead project?
Nope it moved to a new key: