I've been gone the last few days, I was invited Intel's channel conference in Idianapolis. I went there with my friend Chris, we got alot of insight on the new technology that will be coming out.

Intel is coming out with an entirely new CPU architecture which will be coming out around third quarter this year. I have all the codenames to the new cores, they are making three. One for the laptop, one for the desktop, and one for servers. The new core for the desktops is going to be over two hundred percent faster than their old Pentium 4(D) cores, and uses alot less power. They plan on their newer cores using as low as 45W of power. AMD has quoted their cores are going to use more power the next run, and companies don't like servers using a lot of power. They are also working on quad core processors for servers. I think Intel will be taking the market back. I'd still love to be able to go to an AMD conference!

Futijtsu also showed some of their new technology. They are currently working on a 10 gigabit router and explained how they are doing new security technology. Banks in Japan use a kind of scanner that scans the blood running through your veins, counting the oxygen and hemoglobin counts in your blood - making it entirely unique. It was some interesting stuff.
Wow, James. You get to see some really interesting stuff. The way the Japanese are doing it is really cool.