Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Yes, that's the name of my Wicked Creation.

Well the game is coming along slowly but surely .. well not too slowly :) Since i've been getting a lot of help from Falacy!!! lol - surprised me too :)

Since the game is only a week-ish old it's not that far in yet, but i'm quite happy with what i have achieved so far.

The game will be a classic RPG, the map will be long and it will consist of going from one town to the next improving your gear getting tougher learning new techniques unravelling the story of who you are and eventually confronting the beings that have set you down this path.

Since i plan on making the game long and winding i've create a portal system, once you find a portal you learn it's location and then you can teleport to it from any other portal you go to.

I have contributed most of my time to making the map.
I have created Various Armor, Weapons, Misc items, Chests, Wild life: Such as Butterfly's, Fish, Sharks and of course Ducks

Fan my Game dammit.

Hmm since it's an Rpg, i'll have to make Custom Npc names, i'll probably use some of you guys from Byond lol :P.

lol Sure i think i can do that :P
Would be a nice easter egg to see various BYOND users populating your game =D.
And that they will! I'm going to make a troll which people can kill it's nick name will be ET.
You can teleport from places to places on Teka123's Game!? Can you also send a "Buy me a byond membership request" too!?!? WAHAHAHHAH.

Lol joke (: Looks really great ^^ I'll follow your game, I played it once, and I really enjoyed it, great icons, G'LUck!
Lol, another BoE idea. You really did love that game didn't you?
Yes! more than any other game here! now shush, your making me look less original. :O lol ah well yeah i'm always influenced by other games :)
Can i be a king? Or some badass mantis boss like we were talking about :) xD
Teka123 wrote:
Yes! more than any other game here! now shush, your making me look less original. :O lol ah well yeah i'm always influenced by other games :)

Its cool, we need more games like BoE or UP's Dragon Warrior Mythology. I enjoyed the games we had back in 05 more than the ones we have now.
:) Use mines, Jerry or else my One piece name Aotori :)
Keep it up!
Use me :P
Its the ducks I tell you! The ducks are behind it!
Battle of Evermore, an old Byond Rpg and you will notice my game takes quite a few aspects form it, because it was my favourite RPG here :)

and dammit D-cire this praying mantis gives me no end of problems(Remember i'm a terrible pixel artist)
Ok i have successfully drawn a mantis icon(or poorly)! lol It'll be:) D-Cire King of the Mantis's.

Next i plan on making some little rabbits and a big killer rabbit.

and then a Big bouldering Gray Troll for ET.
Nice, it is always good to see motivation about new projects that are not Anime related.
Anime has come to point where it is overused lol.
I'm being raped.
Make a giant killer fish and name it GreatFishey lol.

Nice game by the way.
Ahaha nice Teka ^_^
one of those ducks could be a metamorphing man, you never know
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