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That's right, I'm still alive. I'm sure some of you are going "that's unfortunate". Hah. In any event, college is taking up most of my time, though right now I'm in the "in between semesters break" period.

Just so you all know, I still have all my projects. My RPG is on hault status, because of its super sandboxness. In the meantime, I'm getting back to work on Beep! since a few people liked the idea. In fact, I'm working on a new version right now. This new version is going to work almost entirely on your BYOND key and profile to make a few things both easier and streamlined. The current "big feature goal" right now is to get private messages working that can be popup or tabbed. There's no ETA on this. Expect a new shiny version without said feature "soon", but with other nifty things. Like not having an half functioning UI.
Use some libraries they might help for beep.
That truly is unfortunate... I nay this post.
Vegetas4 wrote:
Use some libraries they might help for beep.

I'm using a library for the profile end, though modifying it a bit for my intentions. I don't see myself as "too good for libraries". At the same time though, I'll be doing things myself where I can.