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As you all know Pyrce High been through a lot of updates, and quite frequent at that! Updates will be every week on Friday now, this is to preserve some Byond bandwidth.

Don't let it make you think the updates won't have as much in them, Kyogirl4lyfe looks over the suggestions and will pick them if they're suitable to be added into the game, and if they are, they will be added the week of suggesting it.
It's a good thing you're trying to preserve BYOND bandwidth. That's very beneficial to the website and is appreciated by the higher-end bandwidth users(like Teka)

"Keep up the good work with contributing to the community, and never quit your dreams" - Yusuke13
I don't know a Pyrce High. I know a Mitadake High though.
Cyberlord84 wrote:
I don't know a Pyrce High. I know a Mitadake High though.

This is practically a rip of it
RIP. I nay thee.
I refuse to read any words on your blog with a CSS present! Remove it at once!
I don't understand why it's still called Pyrce High. You'd think that would be the first to change.

I hope the Map Editor is completely different from the original one.
Some people don't even understand the definition of rip, look it up, it's right there on byond.

DevourerOfSouls does not care about this game, not to mention, why are you even posting here if you don't care about the game? Trying to troll? Well, it isn't really working.

Any further comments from you will be removed. Please show some respect, children.
Um.... I have a suggestion for a game mode..... there should be like a mode called: Haunted School. Or something in that nature. In this mode, the people who arent accepted as human characters, or if you login late, instead of being a watcher, you can be a ghost that haunts the school, who's man objective to is either scare the kids, kill the kids, or show where the real killer is.(with out directly telling the character.) Also, the ghost can do everything a human player can do, and a watcher. Anyways,I hope this would be considered as a game mode! That would own!!!
Oh, I got the perfect name!!!! Corpse Party mode!!!