Yes. Yes. Yes, seriously. No, not a joke. Yes. Yes, we know. Yes. Do you mind?

Right, before you continue asking questions, just a little heads up. Yes, we're back and working on S19. Yes, we will add new things. As a matter of fact, we've already added new goodies!

As I type, version 3.2 is uploading, which includes a nifty anti troll AI, so expect it up soon enough.
OK, one question. "What does it do?", you say? Well, I'm glad you ask. The AI takes in account around 15 variables about the current game situation. Based on that and a random chance, it makes a decision if it's a rightful hit or not. It won't always be right, but it'll get pretty close.
As your "troll level" increases, it will affect you next round(s). Worst case scenario is you, starting with only two inventory slots, hp reduced to 30, two limbs missing and no grab option. Fun, huh? Well, perhaps not for troll killers :)

Anyhow, here's a full list of updates. We hope to see you in-game and killing soon!


- lots of bugfixes
- updated security
- added swearfilter AI
- nerfed Mark V Suitcase
- added Chestburster
- added Mr Hammer's Hammer
- added alternative icon for Riddler's Cane
- disabled House's Cane doing damage on saw
- added follow button
- added pacman room for saw
- reduced damage acid jars do from -10 to -5
- added better player saving
- added new room in the old cinema
- added Frankenstein mask for S19 achievement
- added Lord Of The Ring achievement


- added sweet-ass anti troll AI (with a little taste of randomness)
Keep up the good work!
i hate the swearfilter remove it noone likes it its the gayest thing that ever happened to the game