So with my revisit to Beep!, the UI is cleaner and actually updates properly (GASP!). An image feature was also added to the 'who' grid to let BYOND members put their image to use. A simple question mark appears for those without an image.

Along with this has come my first touch with Telnet clients. Right now, anything you enter is sent as a message. There's no command support. I've considered using a library for this, but the sub-libraries attached to them go so deep I don't really know what I'm including. So with that, i'm working on creating my own text parser and such. As usual, there's no ETA on this, but it is a high priority.

Channels (think of them as rooms) is another feature I'm adding to Beep!. The reason I'm adding this feature and removing passwords is so that servers can be more compact and serve more than just one group of people. Channels will have their own password feature for those who want privacy for whatever reason. This feature will be fully implemented by February.

More is on the way too, which will be announced as they come further along, so stay tuned!

NOTE: In case there's any confusion on this subject. The host files will always remain public.