Alpha 4.1

Changes: A bug/strategy involving Kawarimi and a charge move (like Chidori) caused a stir. The move is still in, but aerial attacks with charge moves do 3/4 original damage.

Alpha 4.0


-Fixed a bug that caused the player to freeze when using a special move with no health (defensive state).

-Fixed a bug that caused Pein's special to continue even when KOed.


-Changed Pein's Chibaku Tensei. It will now only damage if it hits directly.

-Changed the Hook attack (Combat Down) will now break defenses. It has a longer delay and slightly more damage as well.

-Removed the Boot Vote as it was being abused. There is now only a mute vote.

-Removed the "Commands" menu. The chat command has ben removed. The mute vote has been moved to the Player menu.


-Who's Online? Verb. It's in the Player menu.

-Spectator Only Mode (SOM); you can select this option to be excluded from being chosen as a player in a match.

-Away From Keyboard (AFK) mode; if you are not at the computer when you are chosen as a fighter you will be moved to AFK mode. A temporary version of SOM.

-Forced Spectating: If you are at the computer but take too long to choose a character you will be forced to spectate that round. This is for the sake of keeping the game moving.

-Host mute: The host may mute a player. (Maxiumum mute time: 3 minutes).

So yes, here's the changelog. The update will be uploaded in 5-10 minutes. Just doing some last minute checks.
Thanks for adding those verb

-Spectator Only Mode (SOM);
-Away From Keyboard (AFK) mode;
-Forced Spectating

This is really helpful thank you very much !
Made another change. V A4.1 now
Why not output the players in a grid?
I could, but why? All it would be is their name really.
Clicking a verb to see who is online is something you would see on a Zeta rip.
Darker Legends wrote:
Clicking a verb to see who is online is something you would see on a Zeta rip.

People asked for it, and I provided. If they want it to be a grid or something of the sort then they can ask for it.

You know what else a Zeta rip has? a chat system, combat, save systems. I guess every game with these things is a zeta rip in your eyes, hm?

Come back with a suggestion or an apology. I don't tolerate pointless questions or snarky remarks.