Ok so the past few days i've had some spare time and i decided i wanted to try something new,so here are a few screen shots of a new idea in the making. Not ready to create a Hub or call it my new game, just something i've been messing around with. Lets see where it will go.




Here is a new screen shot of the modified turfs and the first enemy mobs.

It looks good. Really good but the base needs to be a little more flexible.
I'm lazy and one set of overlays instead of multiple sets sounds much nicer to me(and by nice i mean easier and less time consuming).
I like the title screen. The perspectives of the second screenshot seems to be rather off though.
As usual ur so much better than me lol nice job jonaz :) look at my last post lol I'm trying to make your demon lol
Lol, yea i saw Teka :P looks boss.
Aww good I thought you'd think I just made a mockery of your design :( ah well, lol ET
It look's gorgeous, the mapping fits accordingly, but the base looks like it can do alittle toning up in it's flexibility from what ImmesurableHate said.

^.^ Overall nice one.
Like i said on the base situation, i'm not a strong artist when it comes to things like mobs and such as i tend to lose my will to keep on going if i have to much to do, so, to minimize the amount of overlays and such i've made all bases the same size, you will be able to customize with hair and there will be plenty of armor and weapons as such to customize your character with, i think this will make up for the lack of difference in shapes. Hopefully.
Yeah he's just the best Turf artist i know, His mob skills are just Very good. lol :)

Did i hear a whisper that you may get your brother's help:)?

Anyway! don't give up on it! :O Im a terrible artist and within 2 weeks i've got a playable game :O
Jonaz, why so godly? Lol, looks great if you ever need help with anything non-art wise feel free to send me a page or leave a comment for me.
i want something like that
Da baes sux
Lol Yusuke. Thanks guys.
As it is though i've already changed most of the turf's you've seen on here already, not for better turfs , just as good i'd say, they just fit my feel better i think.
Alright i've uploaded a new screen shot showing the turf changes and etc... enjoy.
what do you use to make your turfs they are freaking awesome.
@Akriloth, i use a mixture of paint, dm and Photoshop. i probably do it in a round about way i'm sure there are much easier methods but i get the results i want so meh lol.
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