I haven't touched Dream Maker lately. I've been doing a lot of downloading of dungeon type games and came across this one game that I find to be very good. It's called Cardinal Quest. I believe there is a stand-alone version but you can play a demo here:

A multi-player version of this on BYOND would be very neat. I haven't began work on it yet, and I don't want to announce anything as the last two projects I rambled on about got boring quickly. So I'll talk more about this if and when I actually have the game ready to play.

Also, I figured since I'm always doodling, I could doodle on YouTube. Turns out, people like it. I have a dozen subscribers so far. I drew that one weird Empire troll or whatever you guys call it from Teka's new game as a test video, and just went from there. You can check it all out here:

As for just regular life, my second trimester just started so it's back to learning stuff I already know. My "operating systems" class is teaching me what a mouse is, what browsers are, and why RAM is important. A very challenging experience indeed. That's about it for now, let's hope I can get this game finished. I haven't been able to stick to a project since Gnomeheim.