The Code Editor Powered Up

If it wasn't for Stephen I would still be killing myself trying to manually fire events. I somewhat finished the auto complete, it can do global variables and procs (Need to polish it up some more with icons and a file with all global procs and variables first). It might take a little bit more time to add auto complete for other things but I might release the Code Editor beforehand. As you can see in the screenshot I implemented the ErrorStrip from Fifesoft. Very useful. Anyway the release is going to be coming very soon. My DMI reader seems to work at the moment as well so the DMI Editor should be rolled out soon.
28. The number of days you have no released since I said I was going to step on a puppy everyday it's not released. I'm sure you can guess 28 is also the number of puppies have been stepped on.
Hurreh up >:D
Albro1 wrote:
Hurreh up >:D

Under the files tab, will it have the option to hide and show files, similar to the DM editor where it only shows files that are directly involved with development. I don't want to see my .dmb or .rsc when I'm programming. Great job on everything else!
Dewd...release it once you can do everything except edit icons. That can be done in the original engine. If I can at least program in this, I will be happy.
I agree, Albro1