Was playing around with Forum Account's excellent sidescroller library and decided I needed a proper player sprite. Inspired by the old NES Castlevania games I did this:

The player walk animation is 8 frames as opposed to the 4 Castlevania used and I tried to minimize the odd posture while still maintaining the "feel".

And here is a bad guy:

Shorter walk animation (6 frames) but still three times as many as the old NES sprites.

Both use a 16 color palette (15+clear), so would actually be more SNES level.

C&C welcome.
Looks fantastic, bro!
Wow your a very good pixel artist lol. :)
Looks great. (:
Quite good. I like them. The only things I notice in the first one are that he is REALLY swinging his right arm way out in front of him though in a sprite this small exagerated motion is sort of required, and his skirt is a tad too short ;) Very nice for small animated sprites.
its heman!
yeah! i never said it, but that's what i thought too!

Anyhow, I think your walking animation for the dude looks a little awkward with how the legs move. Otherwise it looks pretty good.
Oh snap, that's not heman that's Thundarr the Barbarian! Anyways. Nicely done. I like it quite a bit, though the middle of the body on the walking man looks a little odd to me. Just below the arms, where the belt or skirt (whichever it is, looks like a belt to me) seems a little too still. Seems odd with everything else moving forward so clearly.
The skeleton, comparing to hero, has rather poor move animation :) But i really like it
The skeleton is fewer frames. The idea is bad guys probably wouldn't get as much view time.
You should post your reference so people can stop being impressed.
You mean the sprites that I based them off?
Sure thing!
Castlevania 3: Trevor Belmont

Castlevania 2: Skeleton

I tried to capture the same feel with a more updated look.