Samurai Soul

by Aniste
Samurai Soul
An Action RPG about samurai and there spiritual guides that give them power to do inhumane things.
Im just putting a post out to let everyone know how my game going.

Okay so for the past 2 weeks I've been putting my project on hold, because I've been packing and moving to a new place. And on top of that winter break is up and I've been really focused on school work.

but in my free time I have been working on somethings:

-Character Mugshots
-Improving Logging In
-Spirit/Soul Guides
-Stat Bars

Good progress, Keep it up i'm looking forward to this!
Wow bro I was wondering wtf happened to you! Keep it up looking good.
Good luck! Really excited to see more once you resume this.
Game looks awesome! Take as much time needed
As everyone else are saying, take your own time dude. Because are providing quality work. I'll be eagerly waiting for its completion. Pop art
Totally allow members to be a Spirit Soul or whatever, instead of human. Dood.
looks pretty awesome
Its been long time. Have you completed it now Aniste?

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