Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
I would like to request a all swap color feature that applies the swapped color not only to the single frame but for all frames, this would help alot for icons that have alpha and want to swap say 10 alpha for 20 alpha and apply it to all frams instead of doing each frame manuely.
if you edit the color from the pallete directly, not just apply it then replace it, it should change all of them at once already, just click the tool to find it in the palette & modify it from there.

This also applies to alpha, edit it in the palette instead of the alpha slider & even that should take effect over all the icons in the same .dmi(icon) file.

-To modify things from the palette right click the color inside the palette which will bring up a window for color selection, includes a box to type in a value for alpha as well.

--Things may change for more things than you want, I haven't tested on frames of video & normal frames as well also possibly mixed in but if you have problems it changing more colors in things outside your animation you could always copy it to a new one as a whole then edit it from that icon file so it doesn't mess with others...
odd it wont work, and ive had to do them all manuely. lol
You can change colors in the entire icon inside the icon editor by using Colors > Edit from the file menu at the top. However, I don't think this can be used to swap alpha values.

If you're trying to make an entire icon transparent, this can be easily accomplished through just a few lines of code. You could also use SwapColor if you're only making a specific color transparent across the icon.
Yea thats just what i did, but still it be nice if you could swap alpha also.
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lol some years later.