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Seems I found my old Newgrounds account... from 4 years ago... But regardless Newgrounds is an awesome place... I have been watching flash from there for a long, long, time... back when the great Joseph Blanchete was still around... (AKA Legendary Frog)

Give it a browse through... its a good place to find music for games... one of my personal favorites is Cheshyre... who dows some really amazing Techno Loops and Songs... And Most of the artists dont mind that you use them aslong as you ask em and credit them...

Link to NG:

Link to Chesh's Page:
Are you really talking to us like we don't know about newgrounds? Unless everyone on BYOND lives under a boulder, they've been on newgrounds before and probably fapped to the site's 18+ section a few hundred times.
Erm I'm not talking about it like that... More or less to get people to check out the audio section of NG... instead of using copyrighted Music... And to encourage the use of new and underground artists who wouldn't mind allowing their own music to be used... Keeps Byond out of Lawsuit ya know...

And yes I did play pretty much every Dating sim on the 18+ section... not to *Fap* but because they were interesting and I wanted to make my own.... my favorite one is "Love Hina Simdate"