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With around 98 days left of my membership, and my next mini game (not all that mini really) nearing completion, I'd have a lot more stuff to blog about. With the new site updates coming along, I won't be able to do that. So I'm using my old ShadeCyberPlatinum site to continue blogging. It has a lot of posts from years back, but I refuse to delete them because I can look back at them some day and smile and all that stuff, maybe a laugh here and there.

The site is run by my friend, he opened it around a year or two ago. The site is no where near professional, but it's something, so I'll take it.

I'll try to make use of the forum posts.

-just cracked a smile-
Because I noticed now I have a reason to use the site again :)

Screeny of Dummy Release:

It's getting there.
that guy has a big head. i hope he can duck or something as he moves.
He can roll.