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Welp it's up.

Right now it offers 6 levels and a boss level. Any further demos will be a few level increase and bug fixes. Only the final game will be released after that. Game is 100% free, and I have rights to use all the art that is shown in the game (just sayin).

Give it a shot, feel free to give feedback, comment, note me on any glitches. Be sure to read the red text on the top of your screen carefully, and enjoy ^^
no u a dummy
i found the character to be cute, the controls felt smooth(well the moving did.. camera was jumpy) the level design was poor(the move-fast gameplay was hindered by sloppily made platforming levels and other abstract obstacles)

and the performance was awful once the particle mode thing came up, which made no sense and to me it just looked like i died when i touched green dots and if i pressed space i could make the game lag 10x more
Game won't stay up on my files for some reason. Uploaded an alternative way of getting the game. Just Update the game and run the Download on the HUB.