by Acebloke
The next chapter
So I was a little late in posting this, as I was a little late in updating. I had hoped to get it done before the arrival of my son's birth, but it turns out he came a little early himself.

So it took me a bit longer, but a few days ago I released a new version of Wargames 2. Its not a great deal of difference, a few improvements and changes as well as a very necessary bug fix for alliances. The main update though is really with the Scenario editor, I've added additional editable parameters for towns. You can now build additional towns, villages and also decide the level of towns.

I had hoped to make some changes to AI levels but this is going to have to wait for another update where I'll do it properly. I hope to have alterable AI levels for both military and economic sides of AI players in the next update so there is variation on how they play as well as making scenarios more interesting.

The other main addition to Wargames 2 is I've finally jumped the fence and released some actual horse units. That means you'll need to use that buildings menu to build a stable now.

Non-Subscribers can use the Map and Scenario Editor to view what others have done, but can only effect the random map generator. That runs much like the one in the main game, although there are a few special tiles not yet included. Still this update makes sure that the basic terrains Mountains, Forests and Deserts are now included (before, the M&S Editor only included the land-sea generator).

New Research:

* Segmented Armour: Acts as a pre-request for the Legionary Unit.
* Chariot: Is the pre-request for the chariot unit. Will also open up cavalry tech in future.
* Peace Treaty: An Iron Age research, this allows an alliance leader to offer an ultimatum to a player. They can keep their original town (given that the invitie or themselves already hold it) in exchange for servatude in the alliance. All other towns are given to the alliance leader.

New Units:

* Horse Drawn Supply Wagon: Using existing research, I've finally added in a horse unit. Bronze Age supply unit with double food capacity of the standard supply unit.
* Chariot: A Bronze age unit and the first cavalry unit. Should act as an early powerful, albiet still slow unit.


* Scenarios are now capable of having more than one town aligned to countries.
* Scenarios are now capable of loading villages aligned to countries.
* Scenarios are now capable of set town populations to influence town levels.

Other Changes:

* Like research, units will now clump rather than leave spaces.
* Research will divert rightwards if it hits the bottom of your screen to avoid the window realigning.
* Speed optimisation by better coding.
* Improved the border/unit colour selection.
* Technology tree will now display name at bottom.
* Game now records the starting towns of nations as capitals.

Bug Fixes:

* Capped Ram could be researched an era early, fixed.
* Port town tiles wouldn't upgrade era graphics when being taken over, fixed.
* Expanded town tiles that were taken over, and then upgraded era wouldn't upgrade graphics, fixed.
* Fixed bug where inviting to alliances didn't work.
* Fixed minor bug with towns not reverting to grey borders when selected.
* When setting a flag it would appear floating around as you moved.
* The units menu would appear below certain map objects.
* Sea Routes should have required Shipyard first, fixed.

Version 0.5 Updates for Map and Scenario Editor:

* Put a cancel option when editing player options.
* Editor now starts without a terrain option selected, so one doesn't accidently click on squares when loading maps.
* You can now cancel out of an option, for much the same reason as above.
* Added option to include more than one town per player for scenarios.
* Added option to include villages as well.
* Added option to alter town populations for different levels in-game.
* Added option for subs and non-subs to generate mountains/forests/deserts in editor.