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Hey everyone,

I guess I am writing this for input being for once I am really worry about my future online. Well maybe not only my future but that of the world around me. For those that don't know, I am sure by now SOPA and PIPA are in our minds. For some of us we are sick of hearing about it. Well first blood has been shed. After the protests of places like Google and Wikipedia. The United States Government has removed from the web. This is with the arrest of the owner and charging them with 'copyright infringement'.

Now I know this might be like “So what's your point.” to a lot of people. So I want to show the point being personal I didn't really care about it too much. Otherwise I would like to show a point, maybe something a lot of you know. Maybe a reason to care more? Well here is the view I see and well. Maybe someone can sort me out or least show some safety. Because I remember the US government wants to be the world's parent and I know a lot of peoples parents that bring up mythical figures like Santa Claus to make us feel better. Then we learn the cold hard truth, too late and just expected to get over it. Do we really want our freedom of the web being in the same boat as Santa Claus?

For like I was saying I look at evidence of matters compared to flights of fantasy and idealistic thought in this matter. So lets dissect this. First off, until someone clears up the matter. Our home on Byond will be gone. You might say no, but remember when fan games had to be removed because of Funimation? Before we get into it being the whole debate of who's fault. Keep in mind companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are supporting SOPA and PIPA right now. This doesn't mean they might remove Byond because of someone's DBZ game. It would mean they might attack Byond because your games interface looks to much like Dragon Quest on the NES. I mean heck, think of this. It might bring down this home of ours because some company wants to convict Byond that pixel style games are patented by there company. Something from 20 years ago that no one looked at till now and leading to a money grab of wanting people making this to pay or be charged with violating the terms of law.

This doesn't stop here, Byond will not be the only thing we lose. First look at the social networking sites, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter. Because someone has an Icon of an anime character. Posts a link to there lets play video, or more so just has something on there some company doesn't like. They can be removed. Further more, This leads to the sources of this... Places like Project playlist and Youtube will be removed. Then your sub sites, Places like Angelfire, freewebs, and so on will be removed as well. Why? Because of those old Fan sites use pictures of Copyrighted material. This would go for Forums and any source of feeling personalized as showing likes and dislikes to the fashion we are use too.

Now I am sure someone is having a good laugh because this couldn't be possible. This is the world coming up. I mean you think it wouldn't be possible unless you attack everything. Any creativity on the web would come under fire. Bring to the point you future would hold getting on Bing and Shopping. Honestly, I don't like it. It scares the fuck out of me to think of losing all the work I put into not only RP Unlimited but my friendship and my home here.

But what can we do? Well as said in my time, we are the world. So this is now getting out of hand in the US alone. Keep in mind, MegaUpload is located in Hong Kong as the central office. This is where the arrests where made. This is a non-US company being pulled into a US court to be charged. This ending the whole myth of, It is not a US company we don't need to worry. I would say for one, move to start on these protests and don't stop. I don't mean just the US citizens. I mean us as a world. Bring the the points to your foreign affairs departments. Stop paying for good from the companies supporting these measures. I mean in truth, I hear this is over 2%. Being in the last 10 years the 1% of people that used internet piracy is now taking 2% of profits. So lets look at this... they claim they lost $135 million dollars to piracy. Now lets scale this up for people to look at. If it is only 2% of the profits, this would mean they are making about $6.7 billion dollars, my math is not that good so you can figure it out yourself. To give you an idea is that this is like having a dollar in change and you drop 2 cents by accident. Yes, everyone is in an uproar because Music, Movie, and Some big tech company is pissed off, because someone took 2 cents out of there dollar of change they left unchecked on the table. Why do I say unchecked? Because most the piracy is done inside the company. Employees leak things like movies, games, and this early. So if you really targeted the source and not these aftermaths I think the world would be a better place.

I just want to know what really is going on I guess, know the future. Personally I wanted to know if Byond can still run if they shut down the server, as in the program. More looking at trying to continue to program with Byond and plan for worst case situation. I know there are tutorials on how to do it. Just more wondering if it still links up. Otherwise, I am working through my own thoughts. Just was concerned and thought I would address those of Byond's Community.

-Anthony Hawkina
Byond isn't going to get shut down if SOPA passes. What's going to happen if they pass is that the BYOND staff is going to go hardline nuclear option against all copyrighted material, and aside from that, they'll comply with any request from the copyright holders as usual.

SOPA is a terrible, terrible piece of legislation, but it's not going to really hurt byond.
There is more to the world than BYOND and the internet in general. Even if shit goes bananas, there will always be new locations to pirate and/or develop games. I can imagine Anonymous will be sparring against this crap anyhow. Who knows. Just a little example of evolution. I remember back in 1998/1999 when Napster was the be all end all when it comes to piracy. I used to get my music from it on my 28.8k dial-up connection. After it died a year or two later. Other programs like Kaaza, Bear Share, etc.. spawned. Once those got killed off, we were then introduced to torrents. There will ALWAYS be some new way to pirate anything. Just like bypassing any phony laws that could possibly come about. There will always be locations to do these tasks. Even if temporary.
@ Tech Gamer - No they wont, Things like RPU could be taken down because its similar to a game like a bigger company. Then look at the RPU servers like DBZ, etc, etc.. and onto my next point..

@ Branks, No there wont. Keep in mind, This isn't targetting specific websites, This will let just about any idiot report a game on Byond, which could lead to them being sued or just outright being taken down, and another thing to note is Byond already seems to be tight on money as is. supposedly being the BIIIIIIIIG update.

One more thing, just because Im sure you completely missed it, So I'll make sure to put it in all caps.

MEGAUPLOAD WAS TAKEN DOWN, THIS WAS WITHOUT SOPA. AND THE CREATOR WAS ARRESTED RIGHT FROM HONG-KONG. Now last I checked, You couldn't arrest somone from out of another country unless it was for something like.. Murder, or the like, Could you? Correct me if Im wrong. And this kind of stuff can ONLY get worse if SOPA and PIPA pass.
I think the point that was missed here. Is in the legislation it states. They can shut down 'illegal' sites with out warning. This means there would be no requests anymore just immediate termination.

This also being on the concern of no piracy but legitiment businesses like Byond that would be suffering in this seeming battle between Pirates and the Companies. I understand there will be more past this but look at this.

When they next program comes out that doesn't require you to pay for things like books or that, to learn. People will need to learn these programs. This being people will have to make these programs too. In short taking a strain on people that design this stuff and based on the good will they will do this for free.

This also being in the sake of people telling me that , well you have sites that teach Java and other languages. Why not use those? Well this is what I look at, if the free distribution of information is see as an act of piracy to a publishing company or College. They can have these sites terminated for 'illegal' actions.

In short this continuation of these kind of laws will regress into the schoolyard dealings we hear about. Being a kid being sued for standing up to his bully and so on. I mean most of us first hand have seen what happens when laws go out of control.
Everyone seems to be acting emo about this. It's really not that big of a deal. Shit will still get bypassed easily.
You guys are missing the big picture here. Where the hell am I going to illegally download porn and music for free if this passes?!
Once again, SOPA nor PIPA will pass.
Several similar bills have gone through congress before. All of them flew through congress, but were shot down when the Judicial Branch deemed them unconstitutional. Same will happen here.

Relax, kiddies.
Actually, I've heard that Obama will not support SOPA or PIPA what so ever.
Yeah, he said he'd veto it if it got to him.
Any company in support of this crap deserves to have their content pirated. They don't want people "stealing" from them, yet they have no problem with the FBI shutting down a file sharing site where tons of people weren't even using their space for piracy. I guess it never crossed their minds that not everyone uses cloud storage for stolen copyrighted material.

Why are they acting like they are in such need of money anyway? Douchebag movie makers want to whine about "THEY'RE PIRATING OUR MOVIES, WE'RE LOSING CASH" yet they agree to multi-million dollar contracts with people like Johnny Depp to star in one movie. If you can afford to give 50 million dollars to one person, you're not in need of money, you fucking imbecile. I love it when the 1% act like they're going through a traumatic struggle and desperately need help. They wouldn't know what a struggle was even if it was tattooed on their ass.
Vrocaan wrote:
Actually, I've heard that Obama will not support SOPA or PIPA what so ever.

No president would support it. Unless they were high off cocaine or something.
Is there anyone who is actually less concerned about stealing media and more concerned about the government knowing everything I do on the internet? Or is that just me?
CauTi0N wrote:
Is there anyone who is actually less concerned about stealing media and more concerned about the government knowing everything I do on the internet? Or is that just me?

Yeah it would be nice if the majority of the "protesters" actually did so for the right reasons. Instead of just rationalizing IP theft.
Jaredoggy wrote:
CauTi0N wrote:
Is there anyone who is actually less concerned about stealing media and more concerned about the government knowing everything I do on the internet? Or is that just me?

Yeah it would be nice if the majority of the "protesters" actually did so for the right reasons. Instead of just rationalizing IP theft.

Can I see the statistics or research that you are apparently looking at with regards to the personal feelings of the anti-SOPA crowd? Or are you just saying this because you want to justify your opinion to yourself?

Some of us just don't want a china/north korea style firewall.

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Techgamer wrote:
Some of us just don't want a china/north korea style firewall.

That, and the fact that everything about the execution of it is retarded. If you want to end piracy, fine, go for it, but you have to be stupid to think people are going to let you take down YouTube or Facebook because one portion of those site's communities are doing something illegal. Even children can understand that punishing everyone for the actions of a few is unfair. I remember having to write "I will not be disruptive" on a sheet and paper front and back because a few of my classmates were messing around. The teacher blamed us as a class, not as individual students. This situation is no different. Either end piracy in a manner that isn't extremely retarded, or drop the issue and focus on something that actually matters - like the fact that a million high school students each year don't graduate. That interests me more than a bunch of snobby rich faggots crying because not every single person in the world paid to see their movie or listen to their album. Because millionaires desperately need more millions.

The mere fact that there are people who even thought it was appropriate to think of trying to get a bill like this passed reassures my belief that this country is a piece of shit. Of course, it's better than the other piece of shit countries, but being better than shit doesn't automatically make you gold.
Well, seriously I finished this whole post. But if people aren't satisfied of these if internet go down ? What will happen to the company, because most of the people that uses internet are people that looks episodes or other kind of things. Social Network will probably go down like, 'Hello' most of all the website in the world are(No exaggeration) with 'copyright infringement'. So will Internet be down. Is Facebook will be down cause Advertise are link to some 'copyright infringement', like seriously. So my question is without these what will happen to Internet or should I say the Internet Communities. If BYOND Shut downs what will it happen as well. That's worst then worst cause, now we have everything that works with computers, such as Video Games and Cell Phones. As many company that disagree with Sopa and PIPA, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo !, eBay, AOL, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mozilla Foundation and Zynga. Well there be a revolution hmm... So yeah I think most of the website will be down .... BYE INTERNET But... I think BYOND should have like a, sub-sopa version BYOND, or some kind of program that will see rips ! So yeah why no create Reject Internet Programming Program Acts (RIPPA) !
Should be noted that Megaupload has ignored probably thousands of requests to take down copyrighted materials. Ignoring those requests is just begging to get you shut down.

China and New Zealand (where the arrests are taking place) had to cooperate before any action could be taken, and they were more than happy to -- the US didn't just go in there and start arresting people with no basis or support.
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