We're looking for a pixel artist who could actually help us by making NPCs (Animals,Monsters and Humans)
We're looking for someone who's able to do art in a chibi style.
If you're wondering why we're looking for a pixel artist when our hub lists 5 artists,its because they mostly just help once in a while and are most of the time busy with their games or just not good enough to make what we're asking for.

For those who don't know what Pirates Online is: Kidpaddle45?command=view_post&post=121570
(Please note that it is NOT a One Piece game)

Small update:
-We've changed the look of our interface.
From this:

To that:
Looks awesome :)
Looks much better!
Thanks Guys!
No artists? T_T
Hey Paddle. I wanted to know about Naruto Online, and if you are no longer working on it, if you would mind me programming. Shoot Me a Message on my Pager ASAP Possible. Thank you :)