Sunday The 19th

by Pandora Productions
Sunday The 19th
Murder has never been this much fun. Help your friends, or sacrifice them for gain.
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Greetings y'all.

How ye doin'?

Right, as the title gives away, we are currently working on V4.0 of S19, which takes care of some minor bugs, has new items AND a redesigned HUD. When Xuiryus first mentioned it, I was a bit skeptical, but after he showed me a little teaser, I started it right away.

It's not yet fully done due to exams, but it's taking for nicely. All I need to do is remove/replace some stuff and we're good to go!

I expect a release date somewhere in February. And since there is a Sunday the 19th, we might as well set that as our deadline.

Of a more pressing matter: we are still looking for an additional pixel artist to aid us in speeding up our smaller updates. If you are interested, feel free to add "Eviler" to your pager. When you see him online, send him a message stating this. The style will be the same one as it is now.

Thanks in advance and happy killing!

i hope zombie mode is in this one i hear rumors of alot of stuff
I'll talk to Eviler about helping out with pixel art.
I'm no professional, but I think I could handle S19's style.
wow kumorii i played with you on feed ur gamei s pretty good but i wanna be able to go in buildings
Why did you let this game fail
now there isnt a good game on byond now
just crappy RP 1's
We dont need new skin you know that is the thing makes it sucks ass
What happen to this game?
I wish they would keep updating it.
I am setting up a server every day hopefully you guys read this as i set this one up now!
I hear you Bookitty, same thing is happens to me. Everytime I try to get on a server of mine or someone's elses. It will always say, connection failed. Yet I installed the new BYOND version 499.
Or prehaps my Windows 8 TOSHIBA Laptop is a ass and won't allow me.
:( please allow people to host this game you guys