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Ahoy! I'm contacting you from the brain of Occupy Providence, where I can no go (if I want to make the walk and if I can get someone to come down and let me in) to access the internet.

I don't have any other blog; this is it. This is where I keep my files and organize my thoughts. This is where I point people when I need to interact with them online. Sure, I'll still have the file space, but it's an extra hassle to have to maintain files separately from a blog.

I don't understand the choice - I haven't taken time to read about it, and I don't have that time - but I understand that Dantom has to act in its best interest.

I will no longer have a blog on BYOND, which means I will no longer have a blog. See you around.
Sad story bro.
Basically blogs weren't being used for their (original?) intention of being a developer tool. They're still going to exist, though not on a front page. They're being integrated into the new forum system to create a better sense of community.

also how will i fawn over my favourite developer without you around iain ;_;
Well, I'm sorry to hear. :(

Iain, I hope you return to us soon. <3
LordAndrew wrote:
also how will i fawn over my favourite developer without you around iain ;_;

I'll be here in some way, but the lack of a blog will take away from the number of times I come around here and get plugged back in as a side result.

As for the blogs still existing, I don't want to be creating forum posts in a community forum and fighting for space at the top of the stack. I want a small area where I can post details about things that people who are interested in me and my projects can check to see what I'm doing. I want to have one spot that people can visit on their own, without my prodding. I want my last message to be posted there, so that people know what I'm up to and how to get a hold of me. I don't want to post about myself on a forum.

I'm not a narcissist, I don't want to pour energy into keeping me at the top of the forum. I just want a small place where interested people can find me.
There are multiple access points. While the site is indeed moving to focus eyes (and moderators) on the forum, an individual's posts will still be collected on their profile. Last I saw, what you'll lose is keywords and CSS options.
So Game in a Day is going to come around as a forum post now? Great, now I'm going to have an even harder time finding it.
(I didn't know about the results from last year until a week after they'd been published.)
We have a new contest & events forum which I hope people use for this sort of thing. I think it'll be a lot easier to track contests. Also, you can fan a user to get updates whenever they post.
GiaD? One day I'm going to get on that, once the occupy movement has saved the world.

Seriously, though, I'm trying to get it done.