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Having been an avid blogger around these parts for the last few years, and even though this post will end up in a "General Discussion" forum of some kind (making me look completely insane to the outside world). I figure it'd be wrong of me not to say G'bye to the old girl. Have a drink in her honour, if you will.

-- Anime

Chaos; Head Just to piss you off, "new chapter" refers to IRL stuff, not the anime. Sorry.
What. The. Hell.

The caption says pretty much everything. From the first episode I was enthralled as to what the hell was happening. The entire episode pretty much focuses on a guy slowly diving deeper into a mental breakdown.

Shortly thereafter, enter harem. Or so I thought. Bastards! That many women around this extremely confused and easy to manipulate guy, you were just waiting for some god awful plot twist resulting in lots of women chasing one guy. It was actually quite clever the way they did it.

The harem element is there, certainly. If a second series comes out, I can see it focusing entirely on that. However, it wasn't by any means a focus of the story. And if it was, it was extremely cleverly introduced, becoming part of some attack probably should have explained this, next paragraph..

Actually, it's kinda hard to explain without giving away what I would consider spoilers. The story progresses reasonably slowly in the beginning, giving a real sense of just how badly this guys mind is breaking/broken. I found the first three episodes to be pretty full-on actually. Reminded me of Requiem for the Phantom. It starts to ease up however, this is probably a good thing, I was getting pretty enthralled. I dig psychology stuff sometimes.

Wikipedia will spill the gritty of what's actually going on in the series. Think of it this way: Guys trying to mind-control the world; people trying to stop them. Cool stuff happens. I went in to the series without having even so much seen a trailer. Complete ignorance. Best way to start a new series I say.

-- IRL Stuff

Getting real over my job now. So are the people I'm working with. Expectations are too high and we're too tired. None of us have had any extensive break since 2010 (2009 for me, come to think of it). We're sore, we're tired, we're over it and we keep getting rejected for time off.

The guy I pretty much work side by side with near every day is willing to resign in order to get March off. Annoyingly enough, so am I. We figure they'll either give us both the time off or we'll both resign, their move. I'm considering starting on my resignation letter, he already has one from the last time he resigned (after a ten year run, mind you).

The move is risky though. 'Cause the job market is just as dry as it was in 2008 - 2009. And those were dark times for me. Actually, scratch that, some of those times were fantastic. But a lot of them sucked. Ah balance, it's so difficult to find. On the one side, I hate my job and I'm getting nowhere at an alarming pace, on the other, I have to risk losing nothing at a chance to gain something, or end up with less than nothing (for those unable to get subtlety: debt. Bills still need payment in this day and age, can you believe it?).

Then again, we do have a much better internet connection here than we did last time, so it might not be as bad.


Oh well blog, it was only a small post. But it will do you good. You were fun, may you rest in peace. (I'll be on again from next week, once I get off my ass and write the other half of it so it's usable via more than direct database injection. (I am a lazy many sometimes.)

As for BYOND itself, I'll be lurking. Keeping an odd eye on things, possibly returning to active development if this move drives in some more interesting users, which I bet it will.
Steins;Gate is better.
But chaos;head wasn't bad either. But yeah, Steins;gate was fantasmic.
I hated both chaos;head and steins;gate, so boo on you.
No one can hate steins gate :( it's illegal, unless *that style* does not suit you then i can understand.. T_T lol

I'll give Chaos head a try after i watch another 30 episodes to finish my Gintama-thon.
You're at safeway. If you're not taking advantage of the union to get time off, you're doing it wronnnggg.
SDA in Victoria might as well not exist... The majority of the time, what they work out is worse for the staff member.

Besides. They can't help with this problem. I'd rather just quit.
Megablaze wrote:
I hated both chaos;head and steins;gate, so boo on you.

I don't even.
DivineTraveller wrote:
I don't even.

Don't worry about it. Some people enjoy eating dirt, you know.