Dummy Release

by ShadeCyberPlatinum
Can you escape the life of being a Crash Test Dummy?
Keywords: 10, dummy, levels, release, update
Updated Dummy Release, now with 3 new levels and a boss battle. Totaling 10 levels in the Demo. And you don't fight this same boss over an over again, but you do fight each boss 2-3 times before seeing a new one.

I fixed all the reported bugs, but I do apologize for the how to play text being at the top of the screen. This is just temporary, I will be making a step by step tutorial when I get the chance today. I also believe a walkthrough is necessary. I'll post a video walkthrough later in the week on the game's hub.

Don't forget to comment and give feedback. I want this to be as good as possible before I move on to my next project next week. If you enjoyed the Demo, give feedback and link your friends. I'll be updating the game again around the new site update, so make sure to check the hub.

Also, to make sure you're playing the most up to date version of the game, click the "You've got updates!" link when you login to your BYOND pager.
I'm finally going to stop being lazy and update BYOND so I can try this game. I'm still using some version from probably a month ago, lol.
Download doesn't work.
Yeah I can't seem to download it either. Cuz of the new site update.
Alright, everything is up and running again. Downloads should be working right.
Download isn't working for me
To everyone saying the download doesn't work, try downloading the zip file. That worked for me.

As for the game itself, I find the jumping mechanics to be very stiff and clunky. For a platformer, that's a very bad thing. It's hard to control and it makes jumping puzzles very annoying. The rolling was also pretty frustrating.