by GreatFisher
A vast adventure in a distant realm.
[ignore this for now]
A long time ago, in a mysterious realm . You sit, tied to a chair, held captive by a collective of thieves. The suspect you of interfering with an exchange that went wrong, you have in fact been framed and have no answers for your captures questions. They decide you are useless and now know to much about their operations, The leader murmurs "Kill him.". A lower ranking member of the organisation draws his weapon, as he moves closer you close your eyes wishing that this could all be a dream. Suddenly a huge rock smashes through the ceiling destroying most of the building, most of the thieves are dead and the rest badly wounded. During the commotion your chair fell and broke you managed to wriggle free and make a break for the door. A weedy man steps in your way, shaking he mutters "I won't let you get away...". You pick a dagger up off the floor and begin to fight.