by Fat Albert
Displays graphical numbers or words over any object
For awhile I was using spuzzums number damage system which had a few limits, which lead to the creation of this code.

-Can display as many digits as you would like overhead
-It can also display words
-To reduce the lag, when using different colors, it only creates the colored icon once, then reuses it whenever needed.
Also, just a note...

With a few minor alterations, you can make it as a better form of item stacking. simple remove the parts that cause the overlay to move upward, and the part that in OverPut that removes the overlay after a set time, and it will remain in a static location, and remain. and imo, it would be better then most other stacking methods (Such as having a dual comlumn inventory, and second column having amounts, or the even worse method of using suffix's... lol.)

Only thing is to get it so it would appear in the place you want it to, such as lower left, or lower right of the icon... which i am working on atm XD
We've since had F_Damage [ updated by Stephen001 ] replace this anyway, Wolfnova, so check that out and see if it solves what you just mentioned.
If you want to get ahead of the game, make a demo using 494's maptext function.
I have actually already altered x_damage to fit in lower left and re-did the number icons, and such, lol, wish i would have seen F_Damage earlier 0.o lol... AlHiya Kaio 0.o i'll check out 494's Maptext function too, might as well XD
Hey, Wolfnova. I only got bits and pieces of what you meant. would you reiterate?