Well, Mike made a nice post about post about his new Mac book, with pretty pictures and all. Well, not to be shown up:

1.72 GHz Single Core Acer Travelmate 4060 $850
512 GB Memory $stock
Windows 98SE $laying around the house

Unix OS, video editing, DVD creation, music recording, Windows 98SE in its own virtual sandbox, BYOND development for Windows and Unix on one pretty fast portable machine:


See, he ain't so special...

I'll get one with DS running in Win98 at some point.
I don't believe "professional video editing, DVD creation, music recording" applies in this case. But otherwise, that's a nice setup.

Oh, and I see Linux is still trying to copy other operating systems (exposé). Kind of makes sense, since their users like to copy other blog posts.

I keed, I keed. ;)
Heh, I edited out the Professional, but it does have video editing, DVD creation, and music recording. I was using a window manager called compiz.

It does a lot more than I can show you, unfortunatly I can't take screenshots with a lot of it, mostly becuase I am hitting hotkeys that change the screenshot style while doing some of the cool stuff.

I could make it look a lot more like a Mac, if I wanted to. A little tweaking to KDE and I have a very close Mac OSX clone, along with compiz. I did also copy some of your style sheet for the pictures...
Updated, now more Mike H clonish. By the way, have you done anything worth noting on your new Mac? Are they really as fast as all the hype is about?