I'm on the brink of writing a game. But not just any game, a complete game. I'm getting tired of these incomplete project attempts that I lose my interest in after brief days/hours, and I need some real fleshy gamedev that I can sink my vampiric fangs into. Or something.

I've got a few ideas floating around. Most of them are online game. They tend to get the most interest from people, but I'm trying to determine if an action one or an RPG would get the best response. Any preference?

Something 2D, or maybe basic 3D. I've got a reasonable amount of OpenGL knowledge under my hat, but none of the practical stuff needed for full 3D games (BSPs, models, 3D collisions, etc), so I'm limited to a 3D game that uses 2D math.

Looking below you'll see a roguelike, an overhead shooter, and a brief mentioning of a space shooter. That's a lot of games. It's also a lot of lines of code wasted. I have trouble getting fervently dedicated to something. I'd love to learn the key to solving this, so if you have any secrets to this, please share them with me. :)

I also bought Star Wars Battlefront instead of GTA: San Andreas. It's an alright game, but I'm regretting it already. :/

Don't fret. I'll let you all know (read: in my make-belief world where people read this blog :P) if I actually get something going and established. No more vague screenshots or mentionings when I have nothing concrete. I'll keep it to myself until I'm sure about its future.

Thanks for reading. :)
just make something fun
Wow. That's actually some pretty wise advice. :)

A fun game it is!