You, To, Can Right Like a Blogger By Tony Long

This guy is pretty good to read, he is interesting and educated, and he shows us bloggers what-fore.

The last line really gets me:
"Were Truman Capote alive today he might be moved to say, 'That's not writing. That's blogging.'"

The reason it gets me is because if it where not for the "communal drool bucket" I would have no clue who Truman Capote was. "Capote" was a movie that came out about a year ago, it was one of the best movies I have ever seen, outside of action and comedy. That acting was GREAT.

I hardly feel like blogging anymore.

Don't fear, there will be more from me though.

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P.S. If you didn't notice the title of the article first mentioned, reread it.
what if i want to 'left' like a blogger? us lefties have feelings too ya know! :(

and why, exactly, do i need to know that Tony is long?
I'd like to think I get around this "blogging" rule (Ugh, I hate the word "blog" so much) by filling it with mostly anything that has nothing to do with me! :P

I'd rather people look at my online JOURNAL NOT BLOG and think "I wonder what he's poking fun at now" instead of "I wonder what boring fact about his life he's yammering about now."

Having said that, I think I should put together an image fiesta. I haven't done that in a while and I won't have the chance to make another one in a few days.
digi: All good questions, and I left like a blogger as well. Perhaps you should make a blog entry expressing your personal and private feelings on the matter.

Sarm: I would like to think so too. I try to think of a blog as a weB-log, not nearly as much as a way to narrirate my life. I try to keep it to the high and low points of my online life, while keeping most of my day-life out of it.

Although I normally fail, I try to only post things I find interesting and entertaining. So that others may share in my pleasure. This doesn't work very much, as I take pleasure in odd things; like reading the ramblings of a wise old man(not you digi, you are not wise [evil grin face]).