Hello fellow TBS gamers! The summer is upon us and thus it's time to crack open your musty cases and prepare to take back planets left to semi-sentient xenofungus and roving bands of barbarians.


This blog post, more specifically it's comments section is for organising games of Sid Meier games, or perhaps other TBS/RTS games! I'll check the comments section often and update the post to advertise new games forming.

How will this work?

For the long TBS games such as SMAC and Civ3/4 8 players will assemble each week for 4 hours+ of gameplay. Any other rules of engagement can be sorted in the comment section.

War... War never changes...

Current games:

Super SMAC Summer Smash Salami An Alpha Centauri game, 8 players, 8 player slots currently reserved 0 places remaining, Apply NEVER!, Prepping colony pods contact: Thorg.

-Boogiemaster Fang of the Jive.

Edit: I got taken off the front page due to containing a stupid word. THANKS FILTERS.
Provost Jon of the OMGthatsalotofenergyUniversity would like to join the SMAC game, as long as it's during weekends. :)
Alrighty, we'll decide upon factions and such closer to the date. I'm thinking SMACX sans alien factions.
Great idea! I have too much on my plate right now to join, but I'll be interested in finding out how it goes.
The only way to get a good ending is to pick up the Bloody Mess trait. That, or be mega-ultra-evil.
Rawr. What about Galactic Civilizations 2?

And on that note, would someone be willing to teach me the ropes of Civ 3/GC2? <__>
Galactic Civilizations is not multi-player (see the developer journals for lots of discussion of why) -- however, they are likely to eventually release an upgrade that adds it.
Gordon Sux.
I'm pretty sure it has an MP feature, Metaverse 2.

And I still own you Boid :P
Metaverse is not's just a way to upload stats about the games you are playing.
Garthor, you need to keep Dogmeat alive through the Army Base, give him 80 Nuka-Colas and make sure he lands the final hit to assure the best ending.

Gordon, if you're interested in Civ3 you should drop by converse some time, maybe we cans set up some short games.
Sign me up, yo.
Signed! And with Zaltron's application that makes 8. THE SALAMI IS LAUNCHED!
Ah I should reframe my refusal -- I'd be up for playing a Civ4 game that uses the PitBoss so it's server-based...
I don't have Civ4, is there a Civ3 version? :D?
Nope, sorry!
I demand you invent it.
Deadron, perhaps if we set up a sort of FTP for PBEM whereby we could upload and DL savefiles at will, would that be acceptable?
I had some painful experience with SMAC...started up something like 8 games with motivated people, and not a single one went past a few moves. People would go on vacation, or drop out or whatever. In that case we were using email instead of FTP, so the savefile might get stuck. FTP would be better, but without the ability to skip a player who isn't available or have AI takeover, it's kinda hopeless especially considering how long these games can go.

That's what's cool about Pit Boss with with Pit Boss you can login and play at the same time if you like (much like a BYOND game).

It does require someone to have a constant server running though...
:( I can imagine how that'd get annoying. Maybe if we could come up with a way to handle people who dissapear.
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