I apologize in advance, i'm about to make some horribly vague descriptions.

Alright so there was this Library I used a good year or two ago, it was basically a Map building library. It had many building tools similar to Icon Ultima, such as square/circle selection or a fill tool. I -think- it was a library to build/save/load maps.

To build it had a hud of icons in the lower right corner if I remember correctly, it was just a big jumble of icons. Once you click on a certain region it would zoom in somewhere, and a complete set of Icons would appear. From here you just click which icon you want, and with the building tools you built your map.

It used the standard RPG maker icons, but it had quality level icons that you could make amazing maps out of.

So basically I am trying to figure out what library this was, and if it's still around. I can't find it :(