realtime var (world)

This is the time (in 1/10 seconds) since 00:00:00 GMT, January 1, 2000 (also known as the BYOND era).


For some reason, when I use this in a proc to create a time stamp, and I'm hosting, I get a result that's GMT -5:00, which is my local time (EST). I do not modify the result itself in any form. Is this a bug, or is the reference on this outdated? Attempting to confirm before I make a formal bug report. Don't want to do it and it not be a bug. :o
Since you're probably using time2text(), you should be aware of this: "A time value (GMT) is converted to text representing the time in the game's time zone."

Taken straight from the reference entry for it.
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Yeah I just noticed that. ><