I swear Stephen001 is watching me to purposely lock my threads in an instant before a discussion can finish. Anyway, my last post/idea was terrible, and I acknowledge everyone's input.

So with that I have a new topic: Feedback. Can you block people out of this section, or are you stuck being harassed through it?

--- EDIT ---

Current Topic Track: Figuring out a way to minimize feedback comment drama without ruining the intent of the feature.
I'm pretty sure you can delete their comments, as last time I left a comment in someone's feedback noting that their game was made up almost entirely of mismatched stolen sprites and icons from the official pokemon games, it was gone within 5 minutes.

You could also just ignore them, like most of byond ignores Falacy.
Generally speaking you should just ignore it. From a moderation standpoint it's useful to have good and balanced member feedback from time to time, as the games listing moderators are not omnipotent. It's one of the parts of the site where we don't especially permit self-moderation, as it's very much in the hub owner's interest to delete things that may critique their game.

Ultimately the thoughts of the various games/library listings moderators are what counts, the rest of the content of the feedback section of a hub entry are in a way, kind of irrelevant, unless a moderator addresses it.

As for the matter of my moderation here, I moderate these whole forums, and BYOND discussion matters are the ones that are watched most closely, as they are delicate debates, or feature requests that I can address with authority, such as your last topic.

I watch you no more purposefully than I watch everyone else.
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So if I'm understanding you correctly, the intent is to have some level of communication between respectable members and BYOND moderators about a game, without the interference of author moderation yet without the restriction of them not participating in the discussion.

*that took awhile to think about by the way*

However, if the information is supposed to serve a specific purpose, why can user X see feedback user Y made, especially with what we see today? Are not public reviews or public feedback about the game itself better served by the user blogs?
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It's for listings moderators, authors, author's contributors (as marked on the hub entry), and other members. This forms a collaborative pool of discussion on the entry. Decision on what happens with the hub entry's listing as always sits with listings moderators.

Everyone viewing it just general transparency.

If "harassment" is a concern, I would ask you to trust the listings moderators to take all feedback into account, weighing the feedback against who wrote it, the likelihood of it being correct, and using their own initiative to investigate further where necessary. They are pragmatic and level headed people.
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Oh trust me when I say I'm not worried about the moderators weighing the feedback wrong. What bothers me is that it can and does turn into an area of argument and some pretty nasty comments. At the same time though thinking of an effective way to stop it while keeping the original intent of why that feature was made isn't exactly easy.

Especially since I didn't make the feature myself. :|
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Personally, I find Falacy to be delightful in that his comments usually make sense and have a twist of sardonic humour.
My posts on forum are getting deleted too, but I don't cry about it. Well most of those posts were troll ones, but some were legit too.

However, I somewhat agree with staff. Feedback is for Feedback, not drama. If they lock it then you were doing something wrong; just don't make /rage/ threads and it'll be fine.
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Apparently locks don't actually 100% mean you're doing something wrong, it can apparently also mean that the discussion is just over due to it either already having been discussed to death, or that it will stir up problems.

At least this is what I was told, which would explain the lock on my complaints forum topic (which is just a bad idea period).
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That's possible. But think about it, if they won't lock it, there will be a person who'll continue whole topic.

Locking it is a good way to make it stop. However if problem isn't solved yet you should be able to report question, with reference into previous discussion.