So, of course I need to make a forums post about this. Have you guys ever used SHIFT, amongst other keys, to modify your macros? Example, W being different from Shift+W. Well guess what, BYOND will never realize what's going on with Shift while you're holding W, AND THIS ISN'T A BUG.

Nope. BYOND herpderping and face smashing into a wall, completely ignoring what's going on with a key on the keyboard, is not a bug. Asking BYOND to be smarter and do it right, is a feature request.

Normally I'm not very bitter about BYOND, but now I have to rig a Javascript, and use all sorts of unorthodox methods that no ones going to like, in order to force the macro system to detect keys -the right way-. I'm using shift to modify the WASD keys. Hold shift and hit those keys, and you run. Let go of shift and hit those keys, and you walk. Hold a key and THEN hold down shift, and the system doesn't even know what shift is.

Ideally these modifier keys would be like all other keys. You could have key up and key down events for shift, ctrl, and alt. This way you can manually track the state of the shift key. Not only would this let you easily have shift+W and W do different things, but you could have the shift key do something on its own.

Macros are one of many examples of BYOND trying to be easy to use and completely missing how most games work. This has been requested before, but I'd be very surprised if it was added. BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=1040
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Honestly I probably could've rigged something with the dual key system that was removed, but meh. Honestly I just want BYOND to realize when Shift is activated or not. Everything else can remain as a feature request.
How about you use shift as a toggle for run and walk?
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Cant do that currently, and if I wanted a toggle button, i'd want to use Caps Lock for that. Just for the sake of having similar controls to other projects in the world.

See: Most commercial games, particularly FPS's and MMO's.