Does pixel movement and box collision in 490.1011 work properly for isometric maps?
I quickly converted my game to an isometric map. It would need some tweeking, but yes it does work on isometric maps.
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I just compiled my 'old' tile-based project with 490.1102 and noticed problems.

My character moves same as before, however monsters movement isn't animated anymore, it just 'teleports' some amount of pixels (around world.icon_size), when I bump monster same happens to my mob - it starts teleporting instead of moving normally (my pixels offsets change too, I guess step_x and step_y aren't 0 at this point), however if I go and bump into map's corner it fixes (until I bump monster again).
Project isn't modified for 490.1102, so it doesn't have step_size, step_x, step_y or any other new variables/proc's defined.

Is this a bug or intentional forced pixel movement?
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If you haven't made any changes to your code then you shouldn't be seeing pixel movement issues. If you are, that's a bug. It would help to see the source of the project, or a similar demo that shows the same issue. I would recommend posting a bug report, and you can email any source or demos to me at

However, I should mention that if you have made changes and modified anything to use bounds or pixel movement, then what you are seeing is probably not a bug. If a legacy mover bumps into a pixel mover it will acquire step offsets and its gliding will be turned off. Gliding is really incompatible with pixel movement and you can't have classic tile movers mix with pixel movers without causing issues exactly like you described.
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