Don't you think BYOND's new built-in pixel movement doesn't look very smooth? I've been messing with it, not many changes actually, just changed the FPS to 40 and the step size to 10. What I noticed is the player sorta jumps from those 10 pixels to the next, and icon states aren't constant. They flicker on and off. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

EDIT: Also.. the bounding boxes seem kinda messed up. I just tried working on a new project and I didn't have the problem with bounding boxes or the character jumping from place to place but the animations were still sorta nappy. The problem with bounding boxes on my current project is that they're way below where they should be.

for example, 'T' is a tree, and 'P' is a player, 'D' is a dense tile

Before this update, the only thing that was dense was the Tree(T) itself.. odd.

My suggestion is default bounding boxes are at the same place and size as a normal tile(32x32)

EDIT#2: Nudging worked for me the first time(Selecting it and SHIFT+Arrow Key) but I recently tried it again and nothing would happen so I decided to nudge it by right clicking it and nudging it west. The problem was that it nudged a whole 32x32, but a clone was made in its original place. I deleted the one that was nudged and right clicked the original one and there wasn't anything there, just the visual. It even showed up in game but I couldn't delete it, right click it, or anything from the map editor.

EDIT#3: Seems like undoing the nudge also produces a clone of the nudged object.
It gets jumpy for me when the mob is close to the edge of the map, when I get far enough away it starts looking normal again. Keep in mind though that this is a beta and won't be perfect.
Please report each bug separately in the bug tracker, even if you aren't sure it's a bug. We can usually resolve most of the beta-test issues relatively quickly.