So, today Hazordhu ran into a pretty interesting problem that I've never seen before. Random clients around the world (not all standing together) started to experience random dream seeker crashes, and were unable to log back on for awhile. Their dream seekers would crash as soon as they loaded their character.

From what I can tell all of the crashes happened at the same time, but with no other ties to players around the world... Is there anything that could be causing this in my code, or is it more likely an issue with BYOND's new client-side icon stuff maybe?
Get the ones who it's crashing to to get a report of the crash and post it on the bug tracker.
I would say any time a program crashes (especially silently) it should be considered a bug. The fact that this is happening to clients and not the server makes it even more important to report.

Did the crashes give any information? Lummox JR will likely want a stack trace from one of them.
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DarkCampainger wrote:
Did the crashes give any information? Lummox JR will likely want a stack trace from one of them.

All that happened is Dream Seeker stopped responding. Upon logging back in, you could sit at the title screen indefinitely, but as soon as you clicked or typed anything after loading your dream seeker crashed. It's the same story with everyone else who encountered the bug. There was no output, just stopped responding. :/

I can't even track down a common cause, because it was only some people, and they were all at different locations, different groups, etc.
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That would have to be relating to a new feature then, since it would be on the client side. (possible infinite loop somewhere in the client code.)
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Well, I've checked over the world logs from the server and there's nothing there about any infinite loops or proc crashes. Is it possible it's a silent crash? But why would it work on random clients across the server?

Maybe I should just make a bug report about it.
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No, this wouldn't be in your code, since it would be client sided, It would have to be located within byond itself, relating to the client code somewhere, since all it does is hang the clients that have connected to the server, not affecting the server in any way.

A bug report might be best right about now, and is there anything odd about the ones who crashes and the one who don't? (i.e having an item that blends, or does any other icon operation?) if so, that may be what you will want to include in the report.