Well, previous to the site changes there was a lot of talk about what should and could be done about games.

One of these conversations involved allowing BYOND members to submit games for review to be listed. Now this used to involve guilds and such so I do not know how well this applies now. But since the BYOND site changes and since all games have to be filtered and checked anyway. Could that still be a possible process?

For instant, say I made a game (Regardless of what type of game it was as long as it wasn't a rip), but I don't have the money to buy a membership or for whatever reason I don't have a membership. However, I have a considerable player base with players who do have members ships and they would like to see the game listed so it could get more attention or what have you. Could there be a way for those paying BYOND members to submit the game to be listed? Or perhaps could there be a way to add them to the hub of the game to allow them to edit it and such and then submit it?

I personally have a membership, However, it was a topic brought up to me and I didn't know how to answer it, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and see if it is or might be in the future. I mean since all games are filtered and sorted now, it shouldn't be an issue as long as the game meets the same guild lines as the games listed now. Of course, people should still be encouraged to buy memberships. =]

Just wondering.
It should be noted that, even if you're not a member and can't submit your game it is still possible for the game to become featured or listed. If the game/resource gains notable attention there's a pretty good chance a hub moderator will take notice and review it without having to be submitted.

The act of submitting the game is just a way to add it to the queue to be reviewed, it's not the only method of getting your project reviewed.
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So.... How exactly is a hub moderator going to take notice of a game if it is not shown on the hub? Do hub moderators have access to all games and there hubs games that are being hosted even if they aren't listed?